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Wichita Eagle Endorsment:

Incumbant Democrat Roderick Houston has been a depenable voice for Wichita and public education. As a lifelong resident of this northeast Wichita district and the pastor of Mt. Olive Tabernacle of Praise Church of Godin Christ, Houston understands the struggles facing many working families. He is concerned about how the state's tax plan favored the wealthy and is resulting in revenue shortfalls and he wants to seek a bipartisan solution that will strengthen the economic future for all Kansans.


Roderick Houston Supports:
* Increased Education Funding for Our Children
* Creating and Protecting the Jobs of Working Kansans
* A Fair and Balanced Tax Structure that Benefits All Kansans
* Affordable/Accessible Healthcare for Seniors and the Disabled
* Strengthening  of the Family
* Strong, Livable, and Vibrant Communities
Paid for by Houston For Kansas, Patricia Houston, Treasurer 

Roderick is a leader who believes that our elected officials should be men and women of integrity and work for the benefit of our constituents.

Dedicated to serving the people of District 89  and Kansas as an advocate for job creation, excellent education for our children, a strong economy, affordable/ accessible healthcare for all Kansans and any other issues that will promote a better life for our citizens.